Description: ぐぐたすからの移民だったりする 青い鳥:@sora1374
Age: 18
Description: ゆっくりさんですわ
Age: 14
Description: 適当にやりますねぇ!
Description: 古い物が好きだったりする 18↓/Linux/Source Engine Games/Sansui Audio/Retro Games/がっこうぐらし!Vocaloidなど
Location: Japan
Description: Mastodon Ikebukuro Divisionの管理人やってます
Description: Field Engineer
Location: usa
Hometown: Newyork
About: I am a Staff Author at a Marketplace for On-Demand telecom workforce, extending from field engineers to high-level network engineers, project managers and Network Architects in 146 nations.

Description: hubzillaについて知らない鯖主です。干し芋ください。
Age: 19
Location: Japan
About: hoge
Description: HP:
Age: 18
Location: Kanagawa, Japan
Hometown: Japan, Kanagawa
About: Android歴: 5年
Windows歴: 2年(自分のPCのみ)
Windows歴: 6年?(学校のPC含む)
Ubuntu歴: 数ヶ月?(仮想マシンで少しだけ)

使用言語: 日本語、HTML、CSS、JavaScript
Description: テック好きの受験生でーす
Age: 18
Location: 横浜市, 神奈川県, 日本
About: テック好きの受験生でーすwwwwwwww
Description: 寝たい
Keywords: PC
Age: 19
Age: 22
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Hometown: Miami
About: I'm a freelancer on website https It is very useful to combine work and study at the university.
Age: 33
Location: 日本
About: ギークな新米お父さん
Age: 22
Description: ホーム画面いじりが好きな大学生。PlayStoreで関連のアプリを配信しています。
Location: 東京, 日本
About: An enthusiast for design(not designer) and Android lover.


Age: 21
Age: 22
Location: 関東甲信越地方, 日本
Description: Storage and Relocation
About: Mr Move is all about providing their clients in and around Dubai with excellent customer service. Employing the best team in the business, they ensure that you will get maximum satisfaction in all steps of the moving process. It all starts with excellent customer service. With well-trained staff and an organized way of doing business, we want to make sure that the kind of customer service we provide for you is of the highest quality at all times.
Description: Google+移民
Location: Japan
Description: ヽ(´ー`)ノ
Age: 41
Location: 大阪, Japan
Age: 35
Age: 22